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Integrated home manufacturers let you live an idyllic poetic life
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2019-06-26

        "Grass and bamboo fence with wild Ting, 蓑衣蒲帽短竿横, poetic and artistic dreams, late fishing star Mufeng", everyone thinks that one day they will live an idyllic poetic life, but no matter where they go, they need to have a home. How to have a simple and warm home in the shortest time, the integrated house manufacturer is the best choice. .

       When we woke up in a small, dimly lit room, we started a busy day; whenever we shuttled into the crowd, we finally squeezed into it. Canned sardines; every time we end our work, we drag our tired body and walk on the way home; whenever we lie in bed with the faint light of our mobile phone...

       The pastoral dream of living in the hearts of Chinese people, that "the old man has chickens, invited me to Tianjia. The green tree village side, the Qingshan Guo Wai oblique. Open the Xuan face field, put the wine words mulberry. Wait until Chongyang On the day, I will come to the chrysanthemum." Let poetry and leisurely illuminate life. To have an idyllic life, we need to own a house of our own.

       Integrated house features is a professional design, standardized, modular, generalized production, easy to demolish, easy to install, convenient transportation, warehousing, can be reused many times, temporary turnover or A house of permanent nature.

        In the UK, mobile homes have become the hope of office workers. British real estate has been booming in recent years, and the shortage of new housing is a direct cause. In the United States, mobile homes are homes behind cars. There is a popular mobile home in the United States that can be towed behind a car. So in China, how do we live the life we want, and it is also a mobile house with a small but complete set of sparrows. Whether it is a home or a leisure vacation, a house that cannot be refused. .

       The integrated house is light in weight, with less wetland operation and shorter construction period. The thermal performance of the house is good, and the wall panel of the integrated house is a foamed color steel sandwich panel with heat insulation. Then, most of the building materials used in integrated houses can be recycled and degraded, low in cost, and green and environmentally friendly. In particular, brick-concrete structures are not environmentally friendly, and a large amount of clay is used, which destroys the ecology and reduces the cultivated land. Therefore, the breakthrough and application of integrated houses in science and technology will be long-term, which will change the traditional architectural mode and make human living costs It gets smaller and the living environment gets better. It can play a major role in environmental protection.

        Still building a home for the pastoral life, labor and money, may wish to contact the integrated house manufacturers, all problems are solved.

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