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How to plan and produce technology for Qingdao Steel Structure Commercial Complex
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-09-07

Qingdao Steel Structure House Planning for each floor of the commercial complex:

  ;       The shopping mall on the first floor is made of steel frame + composite wall panel + composite floor. The span of 9x9m and the height of 3.8m can meet the requirements of commercial buildings. Composite wall panels and composite slabs for dry construction are bolted to steel frame bolts. The construction speed is fast, no noise and dust pollution.

        Second and Third Floor Offices - Retractable and deformable containers made with the company's patented technology are standard containers for shape and size during transport. The double-walled side walls of the container are opened up and down on site, and the deformation width of the container is increased. The cabinet units are interchangeable, the plane combination is flexible, the integration is high, and the water and electricity pipelines are installed in the factory.

        The fourth or more hotels are made of expandable and deformable containers made by the company's patented technology. The container is a standard container of shape and size when shipped. The side walls and the chassis of the container are pulled out on site, and the deformation width of the container is increased. Complete, residential, water, electricity, heating supply in all areas. On-site installation and construction is convenient, fast and dry construction.

Qingdao Steel Structure Housing Manufacturing Technology: Container Construction Manufacturing Technology, Steel Frame + Composite Wall Panel + Composite Floor Manufacturing Technology.

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