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The advantage of steel structure house
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2018-02-10

Steel structure building, which is analogous to the production of TV-like building houses, assembles the necessary parts of the TV set on the assembly line. The structural parts such as beams, columns, doors and windows, and slabs produced in accordance with relevant standards are transported to the steel structure building for modular assembly, and then these semi-finished construction parts are transported to the construction site for construction. It has subverted the construction industry for nearly 100 years. Traditional work has changed the original architectural model. This residential building has a number of advantages:

(1) High safety and reliability. Because steel is an ideal elastoplastic material, it has good ductility and can better consume the energy generated by earthquakes. Therefore, it has good seismic performance and high structural safety, and can fully meet the safety of residential buildings.

(2) Construction safety. Due to the steel structure components, the factory production is made, the production of the products is completed by advanced production equipment, the on-site construction is mechanized, the on-site installation workload is significantly reduced, and the quality is easy to control, the manual operation error is obviously reduced, and the construction is safer.

(3) The construction period is short. The construction is not affected by the weather. The slab adopts the assembled reinforced truss self-supporting slab, which can realize multi-layer construction at the same time, realize the three-dimensional cross-flow operation, and the construction speed is fast, 2 to 3 layers per day, saving 3-4 than the traditional building. Construction period.

(4) Green and sustainable. Traditional buildings produce up to 200 kg of construction waste per m2. In some large-scale construction cities, construction waste accounts for half of the city's garbage. Construction materials transportation and construction will generate a large amount of dust. This pollution source reaches 5 points of the total urban pollution. First, traditional buildings consume a lot of water, and the waste water generated is endless.

At the same time, traditional brick-concrete houses and reinforced concrete houses, the construction waste generated after demolition can no longer be used, and construction waste dumping has become a very difficult problem. Steel in steel-structured houses can achieve more than 95% recovery and recycling, which is in line with the requirements of residential industrialization and sustainable development. The service life of the steel structure 600 a can achieve the dream of “One Hundred Years of Architecture”. Such buildings are easy to dismantle, and the cost of redevelopment is small, and the building is truly sustainable.

(5) Make reasonable use of space. Due to the high strength of the steel, the design can be arranged in a large opening, so that the building plane can be reasonably separated, flexible and convenient, can meet the needs of different users, create an open house, the steel structure has a small section, compared with the traditional reinforced concrete structure. The effective building area can be increased by more than 5%.

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