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Is a steel structure suitable for promotion?
编辑:Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd  时间:2017-10-30
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一  Analysis of investment prospects of steel structure residential houses

1. Steel structure houses have many advantages: first, light weight, strength high. The weight of a house constructed of steel is about 1/2 the weight of a reinforced concrete house. It can meet the needs of large open rooms, and the use area is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete houses.

2, good seismic performance, its ductility is better than reinforced concrete. According to the results of post-earthquake investigations at home and abroad, the number of collapsed steel structures during earthquakes is small.

3, steel structural components are manufactured in the factory, reducing on-site workload, shortening the construction period, and meeting industrial requirements.

4, steel structure residential factory production quality is reliable, size Accurate, easy to install, easy to cooperate with relevant departments

5, steel can be recycled, environmental pollution will be reduced during construction and demolition



Second  Several problems exist in steel-framed houses

1. The design of some steel-structured houses is not based on the building itself, so the developed houses are not very easy to use. At present, the development of some steel structure houses, the problem of steel structure as the most important, therefore, the structure of the main, this is a misunderstanding. Regardless of the structure of the building, the buyer is not interested in any structure, and is interested in the house, the layout is reasonable, the living is comfortable, the practicality is strong, and the function is complete. Therefore, steel structure houses have market competitiveness and can be recognized by consumers (consumers), depending on the aesthetics of steel structure houses, advanced technology, and economical rationality, that is, “high quality and low price”. The house should be people-oriented and the design should be people-oriented. Steel-structured dwellings are residential rather than residential steel structures. Therefore, the design of steel-structured dwellings or buildings should be designed in accordance with the law, focusing on the role and effect of energy conservation and environmental protection.

2, the materials of the steel structure residential facilities and the envelope structure are not perfect. The steel structure residential system is a comprehensive and complex technical system. It involves a range of supporting systems, such as wall materials, roofing materials, kitchen and bathroom systems, piping systems, etc. The most prominent problem in this regard is the fa ade structural system. The existing wall material properties and installation methods are difficult to meet the requirements of steel structure residential in terms of heat prevention, heat preservation, ventilation, impermeability and durability. The connected accessories and methods are imperfect and inconvenient to use.

3. Steel structure houses require the application of a large number of new technologies, and China still lacks talents in this area. There are few people specializing in steel structure housing in China. Most design and construction units have expertise in traditional structural systems, while there is a lack of relevant talent in steel structure housing. As China's steel-structured houses are still in the development stage, construction workers are even more scarce. Training technicians is an important part of the development of steel structure housing.

4, there is no unified and systematic method to promote Chinese steel structure housing. The research work of all units has not been learned and inherited from the beginning, and the experience promotion work is not ideal. The overall development level of steel structure houses is not high and the development is chaotic. While summarizing past experience, the relevant departments pointed out that the future development direction is not enough.

5, the propaganda is not enough, and the relationship with the developer is not enough. Many developers think that the steel structure housing is much more expensive, so they dare not do it. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Compared with steel houses and other dwellings, the general cost is not high, and it is basically the same as the concrete structure, but its use area will increase a lot, generally reaching 5%, and the comprehensive cost is relatively low.


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